Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Be a Social Science Warrior, not a Social Justice Warrior: The important difference

To be updated soon with appropriately scathing commentary on the ineptitude and destructive nature of political extremism. Stay tuned

What is a Social Science Warrior?

Science and Moral Philosophy are better tools for justice and human flourishing than political ideology, dogma and extremism

  "A Science of Social Justice: Reason Revival"

Through practical partnerships, bringing a culture of skepticism, reason, and Socratic discourse into US politics. Here is a corresponding YouTube video (3 1/2 mins long, above.  It would be a comprehensive discussion, and a social media-driven effort to build a serious ‘bridge’ (1) between rationality / scientific thinking, and (2) the world of American politics. This would, in many ways, start with ‘core issues’ across which we can transcend moral tribes and partisan camps. People across the above communities - many with strong credentials - are interested (as shown in video above)


Other Work

I have been working on several projects involving free thought, science, reason, and Socratic discourse. I am currently working on a Common Ground movement for bringing skepticism and Socratic understanding to American politics ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMVDYgE-MjU ), which I want to share more on in a separate email

Common Ground: The Third Voice Movement -